Strengite with minor Beraunite, Rockbridgeite from Leveäniemi Mine, Lappland, Sweden. ©1989 Geonord.
Hübnerit, Adams Mine, San Juan, Colorado, USA.
Size 2x1cm. Collection & Photo ©1986 Geonord.


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Our photos are as faithful as possible to reality, they are taken in a studio with a Nikon D7500 and Macro lens DX 1:1 and Nikon D40X with AFS Micro Nikkor 40mm for large specimens.
We use professional artificial cold lighting with Ra-index 92 or better, combined with studio Led Light to soften up shadow areas.
However, the colors may vary slightly depending on your screen and its configuration...

Adamite, Mexico.

Aenigmatite, Russia.

Allargentum, Sweden.


Amblygonite_Montebrasite, SOLD Sweden.

Antimony Native page1, page2, ppage3. Nurmo, Finland

Apatite Morocco, Mexico, England.

Apophyllite page1, India, Apophyllite page2.

Apophyllite India, green page1, green page2.

Aragonite, Morocco.

Arsenic_Native page1, page2. Storliden Mine. Sweden.

Astrophyllite p1, Russia, Astrophyllite p2.


, Portugal.

Azurite page1, page2, page 3, page 4.

Babingtonite, Sweden, Norway, USA and India.

Baryte (Barite).
Beraunite, Sweden.
Botallackit, Cornwall, England.

Boulangerite, Sweden p1, Boulangerite p2, Boulangerite p3.
Cacoxenite, Sweden.

Calcite_var Island_Spar.
Calcite, Sweden and Germany.
Calcite-Mn UV-SW, Långban Mines, Sweden.

Calcedon, Brazil and India.

Carrollite, DR Congo.

Cassiteterite, Cornwall, China.

Cavancite, India, LOT 3, LOT 4.

Celes celsetine.shtml tine.

Cerrusite p1, Cerrusite p2, Cerrusite p3, Cerrusite 4.
Ceurleite, Cornwall, England.
Chalcosiderite, England.


Chromite, Finland.

Chrysocolla p1, p2.

Cinnabar, Spain.
Clinoclase, England

Cobaltian calcite p1, Cobaltian calcite p2 , Cobaltian calcite p3.

Copper Native. USA.

Crocoite, Australia and Germany.
Cornwallite, Cornwall, England.

Cryolite, Greenland.

Dioptase, Russia and DR Congo.

Dravite, Brazil, Norway.

Dyscrasite, Sweden
Eclogite, Norway.

Elbaite_Green, Varuträsk, Sweden, page 2

Elbaite_Multicolour, Sweden, LOT 1, LOT 2.

Elbaite_Red, Haapaluoma, Finland.

Electrum p2 Björkdal Gold Mine, Sweden. Electrum p3.

Enargite, Peru.

Erythrite p1, Erythrite p2.

Eudialyte, Norra Kärr, Sweden and Kvanefjeld Greenland.
Ferrierite from Australia.

Fluorite p1, Fluorite p2, Fluorite p3, Fluorite p4, Fluorite p5.
Fluorite UV-SW, England.

Galena from many parts of the world.

Garnets, Sweden, Norway and other countries.
Geode with UV-SW and without UV. Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany.

Goetite, Marocco.

Gold4. Björkdal Gold Mine, Sweden.
Archive of gold samples.

Gyrolite, India.

Hematite, Morocco (Kidney Ore)

Hemtatite, England Specular xx

Hemimorphite, Mexico, USA.

Heulandite India.

Hutchinsonite, Peru.
Hydrozonkite with UV-SW and without UV. Portugal.

Kämmererite (Kæmmererite or Kammererite), Finland.
Kidwellite, Sweden.
Kyanite, Switzerland, Brazil, Norway, Sweden.
Laubmannite, Sweden.

Lepidolite, Sweden.

Libethenite page1, Libethenite page2, Libethenite page3.


Malachite page 1, page2, page 3, page 4, page 5.

Malachite Gem Grade for cutting.

Manganese_dendrite, Germany.

Marcasite, Germany, Sweden.
Margarosanite with UV-SW, Sweden.

Melanite. Morocco.


Meteorite p1 Morocco, Meteorite p2, Meteorite p3, Meteorite p4.


Mimetite page1,England, Mimetite page2.
Mixite, England and Germany.
Montebrasite_& Amblygonite, Sweden.

Mordenite, India.

Murmanite, Russia.

Nakrite, Germany.

Native Copper, USA.
Okenite, India.New stock
Olivenite, Cornwall, England.
Pahnolite, Greenland.

Pargasite, Finland.
Pentagonite LOT 1.

Plancheite, DR Congo.

Pollucite. Sweden.

Prehnite page page1 India, Prehnite page 2 Spain, Prehnite page3 Scotland, Prehnite page4 Scotland.

Pyrite (Iron Pyrite), Peru.

Pyromorphite page1, England, Pyromorphite page2.

Quartz_Amethyst, Brazil & Uruguay.

Quartz_Citrine, Brazil.

Quartz Rock Crystal, Brazil.

Quartz Smoky, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden.
Ramsdellite, USA.

Rosasite. Morocco.

Rhodocrosite, South America.
Rockbridgeite, Sweden.

Rosasite. Morocco.
Sampleite, Australia.
Scheelite, Sweden.

Scolecite, Morocco.

Siderite, Greenland.

Skutterudite page 1 Morocco, Skutterudite page 2.
Smithsonite primary from Greece.

Sphalerite Var Wurtzite, Poland.
Sphalerite from Gerrmany, UK, Spain, USA, Ireland, Norway, Russia.

Steenstrupine, Greenland and Russia.

Stibnite. (Antimonite) Romania, China, Kasachstan.

Stilbite page1 Jalgaon/Nasik, India, Stilbite page2, Stilbite page3.

Stilbite, Leveäniemi Mine, Sweden

Stilbite, Malmberget, Sweden.

Strengite LOT 4. Archive. Sweden.
Svabite with UV-SW, Långban Mines. Sweden.
Tektite/Moldavite, Thailand and Czech Republic.

Thomsenolite, Greenland.

Thomsonite, India.
Tinticite, Sweden.
Tyrolite, Ireland.
Ulrichite, Australia.

Ussingite page 1. Russia, Ussingite page 2.

Uvarovite, Russia.

Vanadinite page1 Morocco, Vanadinite page2

Vesuvianite, Norway and Italy.

Villiaumite, Greenland.

Vivianite, Crimea, Ukraine.

Wadeite, Khibiny, Russia.

Wavellite page1, USA. Wavellite page2.

Wendwilsonite Morocco.
Willemite with UV-SW and without UV, USA, Portugal.

Wulfenite page1, USA, Wulfenite page2, Wulfenite page3, Wulfenite page4.

Zinnwaldite, Czech Republic.
Zircon with UV-SW, Norway, Sweden, USA.
Zircon with UV-SW, Pakistan.