Stilbite crystals from Jalgaon or Nasik, India. Page 3.

All prices are in Swedish currency.
Minimum order 100:- SEK or about (€10, $11, £12).
Discount is available.

Comparison of mineral size and price.
Top specimen starting around 100:-SEK and up. Cabinet or hand size.
Below small mineral around 10:-SEK to 40:-SEK.

Item: s44b. Green Stilbite w. Heulandite,
Jalgaon, India.
Size: 10x6cm. 129:-SEK.
Cabinet size. 220g
ßItem: s63b. Stilbite w. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 12x8cm. 157:-SEK.
Cabinet size. 250g
Item: s46. Stellerite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 4x5,5cm. 30:-SEK.
Item: s47. Stilbite w apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 6x4cm. 30:-SEK
Item: s48. Stilbite on Calcite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 4,5x3cm. 20:-SEK.
Item: s49. Stilbite w.White Apophyllite, Nasik, India.
Size: 4x4cm 15:-SEK
Item: s50. Stilbite w.White Apophyllite, Ahmednagar, India.
Size: 4,5x2cm. 10:-SEK. Macro pict.
Item: s51b. Stilbite w.White Apophyllite, Jalgoan, India.
Size: 8x8cm. 94:-SEK.
Cabinet size. 315g
Item: s52b. Stilbite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 11,5x7cm. 158:-SEK. Cabinet size. 240g.
Item: s53. Stilbite w. Heulandite, Nasik, India.
Size: 5x6cm. 40:-SEK.
Item: s54. Stilbite w.White Apophyllite, Jalgoan, India.
Size: 6x6cm. 50:-SEK.
Item: s55.Stilbite w.White Apophyllite, Nasik, India.
Size: 4,5x5cm. 30:-SEK.