Minerals for sale page Magnetite
All measurements are in cm.
All prices in SEK (Swedish currency)
Sverige=Sweden, Spanien=Spain, Tyskland=Germany

Item: 4050.Magnetite (small), In den Dellen, Germany.
Size 35x20. 10:- SEK.
4051. Magnetite , Grauley, Germany.
Size 20x20. 10:- SEK.
Item: 4038. Markasit, Iserlohn, Tyskland.
Size 25x30. 20:- SEK.
Item: 4052. Magnetite, Wingertsberg, Germany.
Size 25x20cm. 10:- SEK.
Item: 4053. Magnetite, Långban, Sweden.
Size 25x20cm. 10:- SEK.
4054. Magnetite, Euguin-Navarra, Spain.
Size 30x20cm. 5:- SEK.
Item: 4055. Magnetite, Grauley, Germany. Size 25x25cm.
10:- SEK With Perowskit, Nephelin.
Item: 4056. Magnetite, Långban, Sweden.
Size 50x40cm. 10:- SEK.
Item: 4057.Magnetite/Sphalerite,Hasselhöjden, Sweden.
Size 40x20cm. 5:- SEK
Item: 4058. Magnetite, Randale, Lom, Norway.
Size 20x30cm. 10:- SEK.
Item: 4059.Magnetite, Svappavaara, Sweden.
Size 30x30. 20:- SEK .
Item: 37583. Magnetite, Imilchil, Morocco.
Size 2x3,5cm 55:- SEK.
Item: 38049. Magnetite, Imilchil, Morocco.
Size 2x3,5cm. 75:- SEK .
Item: 71876. Magnetite, Imilchil, Morocco.
Size 2x3,5cm. 45:- SEK.
Item: 74928. Magnetite, Bolivia.
Size 6x6,5cm. 133gr. 245:- SEK.
Item: 8511. Leveäniemi mine, Norrbotten, Sweden.
Size 5x3cm. 75:- SEK.

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