Galena crystals or crystaline cleaved crystal groups from many countries.
Galena is the primary ore mineral of lead, PbS.
When fresh it has a bright metalic brillance and becomes grey or dull with time.

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Item: ga1. Galena (cleaved), Falu Mine,
Dalarna, Sweden.
Size: 4,5x2,5cm. 25:-SEK. US$2,25.
Probably containing Silver.
Item: ga2. Galena (cleaved), Nasafjäll
Silver Mine, Norrboten County, Lappland, Sweden.
Size: 3,5x2,5cm. 25:-SEK. US$2,25.
Probably containing Silver.
Item: ga3. Galen with Quartz, Huaron Mines,
Huancavelica, Peru.
Size: 6,3x3cm. 362:-SEK. US$33,00. From our show room.
Item: ga4. Galena (cleaved),
dÓsor Mine, Linares-Jaen, Girona, Spain.
Size: 3,5x2cm. 20:-SEK. US$1,75.
Item: ga5. Galena (cleaved), Saga II, Tvedalen, Norway.
Size: 3,5x2,5cm. 20:-SEK. US$1,75.
Item: ga6. Galena with Dolomite &
Chalcopyrite, Sweetwater Mine, Reynol Co, Missouri, USA.
Size: 4,5x3,5cm. 377:-SEK. 150g. US$34,25.
A cluster of crystals. Difficult to show.
Item: ga7. Galena in sandstone, Laisvall Mine, Laisvall, Norrbottens County, Lappland, Sweden.
Size: 4,5x4cm. 15:-SEK. US$1,25.
Item: ga8. Galena w. Dolomite & Chalcopyrite, Sweetwater Mine,
Reynolds County, Missouri, USA.
Size: 6x5cm. 419:-SEK. 220g. US$38,00. From our show room.
Item: ga9. Galena, Becke Oese, Germany.
Size: 3x3,5cm. 25:-SEK. US$1,75.
Two perfect cubes.
Item: ga10. Galena (cleaved), Medselefors, Vilhelmina,
Västerbotten County, Sweden.
Size: 6,5x3,7cm. 61:-SEK. 220g. US$5,50.
Item: ga11. Galenite with Fluorite, Blackdene Mine, Weardale, England.
Size: 5x3cm. 43:-SEK. US$4,00.
Item: ga12. Galena with Sphalerite, Ramsbeck, Germany.
Size: 2,5x1,5cm. 10:-SEK. US$1,00.
Item: ga13. Galena (cleaved), Medselefors, Vilhelmina,
Västerbotten County, Sweden.
Size: 5x3,5x3cm. 56:-SEK. 230g. US$5,00.
Item: ga14. Galena with Calcite, Frazers Hush Mine, Rookhope, Weardale, Durham County, England.
Size: 6,5x4,5cm. 245:-SEK. 250g. US$22,25.
From our show room. Ex. Sam Weller Label.
Item: ga15. Galena (cleaved), Ramsbeck, Germany.
Size: 4,5x3cm. 20:-SEK. US$1,75.
Item: ga16. Galena (cleaved), Medselefors, Vilhelmina,
Västerbotten County, Sweden.
Size: 4x3,5x1,5cm. 31:-SEK. US$3,00.
Item: ga17. Galena, Pyrite, Sphalerite, Huaron Mine District, Cerro de Pasco, Peru.
Size: 3,5x2,8cm. 187:-SEK. US$17,00.
Perfect small beauty. No damage on crystals.
Item: ga18. Galena, Tristate near Joplin, Missouri, USA.
Size: 9,5x6cm. 363:-SEK. US$33,00.
The largest Galena crystal in our show room. VERY HEAVY!

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