Fluorite groups from Spain, Germany, England, Mexico, USA and China. Page 1.

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Item: 513. Item: 518. FLUORITE, Asturias, Spain.
Size: 3x2,5cm. 15:-SEK.
Item: 516. FLUORITE, Ferdinaschaft Mine, Rothenfunth, Germany.
Size: 7,5x6cm. 40:-SEK.
Item: 524. FLUORITE, Muzquiz Mine, Coahuilla, Mexico.
Size: 3,5x3cm 25:-SEK.
Item: 514. FLUORITE, Asturias, Spain.
Size: 2,5x2,5cm. 15:-SEK.
Item: 509. FLUORITE, Mt Watson Prospect, Grant Co, New Mexico, U.S.A.
Size: 9x4,5cm. Now only 40:-SEK.
Cube-dodec overgrowts.
Item: 519. FLUORITE, EhrenfriedendorfmMine, Erzgebirge, Germany.
Size: 6x3cm. 40:-SEK.
Item: 528. FLUORITE, Hilfe Gottes Stolln., Schönbrunn, Wolkenstein, Erzgebirge, Germany.
Size: 5x3cm. 20:-SEK.
FLUORITE, Octahedral crystals, U.S.A.
Size 1,5x1,5cm.
Each 10:-SEK.
Item: 507. FLUORITE, Asturias, Spain.
Size: 2,5x2,7cm. 20:-SEK.
Item: 510. FLUORITE, Landsverk, Norway.
Size: 5,5x4cm. 72:-SEK.
Octahedral crystals.
Item: 506. FLUORITE w. Galena, Frazer´s Hush, Rookhope, Weardale, Co. Durmham, England.
Size: 5x3,5cm. 190:-SEK.
Item: 505. FLUORITE, Last Chance Mine, Gila River, Grant County, New Mexico, U.S.A.
Size 5x5,5cm. 140:-SEK.

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