Single selected Azurite crystal groups from all countries. Page 3.

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Item:az86. Azurite. Mejran, Morocco.
Size: 3,5x2cm. 51:-SEK.
Item: au98. Azurite, Easten Pit, Mineral Hill, N.S.W. Australia.
Size: 10x3cm 329:-SEK.
Museum of Victoria, Department of Mineralogy Label.
Item: az80. Azurite. Hanover #2 Mine, Fierro,
New Mexico, USA.
Size: 2,7x1,7cm. 141:-SEK.
Item: az21. Azurite, Besbee, Arizona, USA.
Size: 9x5cm. 357:-SEK.
Item: az48. Azurite. Mejram, Morocco.
Size: 2,5x3cm. 68:-SEK.
Item: jer29. Azurite and Malachite, Jerome, Arizona, USA.
Size: 5x4,5cm. 47:-SEK.
Item: jer30. Azurite,, Jerome, Arizona, USA.
Size:9,5x6cm. 184:-SEK.
Item: az52. Azurite. Mejram, Morocco.
Size: 3x2cm. 89:-SEK.
Item: az65. Azurite. Mejram, Morocco.
Size: 3,5x2,5cm. 75:-SEK.
Item: az74. Azurite. Mejram, Morocco.
Size: 3,5x2cm. 67:-SEK.