Apophyllite crystal groups from Mumbai or Jalaon and other quarries India. Page 2.

All prices are in Swedish currency.
Minimum order 100:- SEK. (= €10, $9, £9)
Discount is available.

Item:101b. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 5x5cm. 40:-SEK. All 100% crystals.
Item102b. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 4x3cm. 25:-SEK. A stalactite of crystals.
Item:104a. Apophyllite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 4,5x3cm. 15:-SEK.
Item:106a. Apophyllite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 6x3,5cm. 55:-SEK. On Stilbite.
Item:105a. Apophyllite w. Stilbite, Aurangabad, India.
Size: 13x10cm. 398gr. 300:-SEK. Display quality!
Item:110a. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 6,5x4,5cm. 45:-SEK. Perfect crystal.
Item:107a. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 5,5x4,5cm. 125:-SEK. A sleeping beauty. With Gyrolite.
Item:109a. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size: 7x6cm. 125:-SEK. 100% crystals! No matrix.
Item:111a. Apophyllite, Jalgaon, India.
Size:3,5x3,5cm. 10:-SEK.
Item:113a. Apophyllite, Mumbai, India.
Size:2,8x2 cm. 10:-SEK.
Single block slightly bruced.
Item:103b. Apophyllite w. Gyrolite and Mordenite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 4,5x6cm. 65:-SEK.
Item:114b. Apophyllite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 6,5x5,5cm.
Item:115a. Apophyllite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 7,5x5,5cm. 125:-SEK. 5% matrix.
Item:116b. Apophyllite on Prehnite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 7x4,5cm. 25:-SEK.
Item:117b. Apophyllite, Mumbai, India.
Size: 6,5x5cm. 125:-SEK.

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